putting the U in uni 
brief: craft a hyper-relevant brand identity for an academic application consultancy from the ground up.
strategy: there are more than 17 million students in Europe - intellectual athletes whose stories and achievements grant them the prize of college admission. that is why we positioned an application consultancy as the representation of these athletes - the agents that help them perform by distilling their stories into the medium of a college application.

name & logo: we called them best.u. story-distillation is in the heart of the brand. the application consultants trim the whole story of You down to a simple, crisp and readable U. the “best” in front is there to sum up “simple, crisp and readable” into one word - describing what’s left on the page after their process. thus U became a foundational element of the brand.

dynamic brand identity: best.u was presented with a slanted font symbolizing the dynamic essence of the application process. applicant stories come in all shapes and sizes. adapting to their specifics in each application is essentical to the brand. that is why we gave their U enough looks to make sure it can relate to anyone.  

creative director: angel iskrev
strategy: ekaterina mutafchieva, mira panova
account team: sanya stefanova, ivana valcheva
copywriters: boyan zlatarski, rosen tsakovski
head of art: emanuela belovarski
designers: bozhidar ivanov, andriana petkova
motion graphics: vess blackstone