nikolay dievski takes over as head of strategy at proof.


Diyevski boasts more than 15 years of brand managing experience at some of the most formidable brands on the market. 

proof., one of the country's most awarded communications agencies, has announced the acquisition of Nikolay Diyevsky to the position of Head of Strategy. His main focus will be the development of long-term planning that will determine the agency's work for the brand in question.

Nikolay spent more than 15 years in diverse marketing teams at companies like "Heineken Bulgaria", "Molson Coors”, and “Mondelēz Bulgaria”. He took over as brand manager for the likes of  "The Apple Thief", "Skapto" and "Stolichno", and was awarded Effie Bulgaria, Golden Drum, Art Directors Club of Europe and Epica for his role in developing them. He graduated with a BA in “Business Management and Marketing" at Concord University, USA, and received his MBA in Norway.

"The Head of Strategy position isn’t exactly traditional among Bulgarian communication agencies. Nikolay's long years in brand development across various sectors, his education abroad, as well as his experience leading strategic communications here, position him as an established expert. This resonates with the long-term vision of our agency to provide clients with a fresh approach and complex communications solutions," said Sava Ahmakov, Head of Client Services.

For his part, Nikolay Diyevski commented that, “Sava, Angel [and I] have known each other for upwards of 7 years now, and we knew that we wanted to work together from the very moment we met. My joining the agency will help to develop strategic thinking as part of the agency’s thinking, as this part of marketing is still largely underestimated in Bulgaria. A part that is at the core of helping our clients win effectively and consistently. As they say in my favorite team, Juventus - winning is not everything, it's the only thing.”

"proof. offers holistic solutions, ranging from brand strategy to executing ideas and winning awards. At the end of the day, the best strategy there is for the end user is a flawlessly executed idea. A consummate professional like Nikolay will contribute greatly to the development of the agency with his know-how, built on the other side of the table," opined Angel Iskrev, Creative Director and co-founder of the 10-time Effie Award-winning agency, 7 of which gold.