klear is a Bulgarian peer-to-peer financing platform that positions itself as the fairplayer in fin-tech services with a complex fairly new financing system for the Balkan market. that's why we created Fairtown — an utopian village exemplifying the harmonious living of a community that has only known a peer to peer financial system. it explains klear's mechanics through its citizens: Agnes invests in Robin’s canoe, just like you could invest in someone’s education or house on klear. Fairtown came to life in four TVCs, each showing the peer-to-peer system in action. the campaign visuals caught Fartownians’ reactions at the exact moment when someone tells them of the rest of the world’s faulty financial system. 

featured in Lürzer's Archive vol. 5+6 - 2021

client side: nikolay stoynov
creative director: angel iskrev
head of art: emanuela belovarski
copywriter: boyan zlatarski
graphic designers: bo aleksieva, bozhidar ivanov
account director: juliana tsvetkova
production studio: push pull production
director: angel apostolski
dop: anton ognianov
production designer: vania ivanova
stylist: mina kaye
photography: whaleworx studio / 
ivaylo petrov & emanuela belovarski ​​​​​​​