Velingrad Аlcalia is a mineral water brand, coming from the heart of Rhodope mountains. relying on the mineral sources of the city, placed in the mountain, the brand has always aimed to connect people with nature. yet the 500 ml bottle is too small, while the 1.5L bottle is too big. so, the 1L bottle is just right.
we wanted to show how perfectly the new Velingrad bottle fits in your everyday life by using a metaphorical approach. just on time to give you the freshness wherever and whenever you need it. 

we constructed the most recognizable icons of connection—the bluetooth, wi-fi and phone call symbols—out of elements of nature, 
thus linking you with the heart of the Rhodope mountains through its water. another thing that drives the feeling of being in touch with nature is the 3D realism of the visuals. 
client: Velingrad
creative director: angel iskrev
head of art: emanuela belovarski
strategy: ioana taca
copywriter: krista yankova
graphic designer: andriana petkova
cgi: chris metodiev
making of: yoana momchilova
account manager: lyubomir kashilski