recent research by Bluepoint shows that nearly 50% of job applicants still encounter prejudice during an interview. people who experience this first-hand often get disheartened and refuse to even consider applying for certian jobs. 

welcome to 2022. today your IG profile and handle basically tell all about you. so we went for a collaborative stunt and changed the handles of local celebrities with the prejudice that they encounter day in and day out. because the very same prejudices they encounter are those same odds they had to defy in order to become what they are today. 

client: TELUS International
creative director: angel iskrev
client service director: sava ahmakov

creative lead: kaloyan antonov
head of art: emanuela belovarski

copywriter: petko kolarov
junior copywriter: valentina dencheva
junior graphic designer: katrin kreovska
strategist: kristiyan stefanov
junior strategists: ekaterina mutafchieva, mira panova
account director: sanya stefanova
account executive: tony gradinarov
producer: pudding
director: kamen kolarov
video edit: viktor hadzhijski
pr partner: d:istinkt